New Traktor pro and Maschine jam mapping AIO3.

New, AIO3 "All In One" mapping version for Traktor Pro and Machine Jam.

This new version of mapping for Traktor Pro called AIO3 is a merger of previous Midi mappings for Maschine Jam.

By adding part of the mapping function to the mixpult feature, all four decks have become more versatile and at the same time more sensitive. Thus, the many features that included previous releases have added new features and have made a stronger and more robust tool from the new version of Maschine Jam AIO3. At the same time, comfort, which is no less important in live play, required an orthopedic feeling of controlling the AIO3 game. The AIO3 Elastic version of the AIO3 Elastic is also included in the download, with a few button buttons switched from “toggle” mode to “touch” which gives you more confidence in the feed, because after using some functions mapping returns to the initialization position.

TRACK decks

STEMS decks

REMIX decks

STEP sequencer

Maschine Jam AIO3 mapping is "All In One"

Very nice and more funny became the last D deck on SAMPLE STEQUENCER 🙂 Though D Sample Deck is a deck at a moment you can change it to Step Sequencer. You will be very surprised by how many surhythmic and uncharted rhythmic moments this hybrid combines with the looper and the 58 newly added rhythmic templets for the seqeuencer.